Wednesday, August 25, 2021

OpenAI Codex - Uniqtech Guide to code generation, natural language processing, GPT-3

 Need to brush up on GPT-3 knowledge? Check out our GPT-3 knowledge landing page. It's free. Log in to access for free.  Uniqtech Guide to understanding GPT-3.  Scroll to the bottom to read all about Codex. 

   Uniqtech Guide to OpenAI Codex Basics

Link to our knowledge flash cards:

Subscribers (pro members $5 coffee price / month) can read summary notes in the advanced flash cards. We summarize takeaways from the demo and paper. 
OpenAI Codex insights, notes, demos summarized for pro members. A big time saver.

Screenshots from the OpenIA Demo:
OpenAI Codex Challenge day

Give Codex first grade math questions:

01 Copy and paste first grade math question from a worksheet

02 Use the question as a prompt and get an answer from OpenAI Codex

03 Codex translates the prompt from English to Python Code

04 Codex generates a numeric answer to the math question. 

You can copy and paste the code into a notepad to customize.

OpenAI Codex answers first grade math questions Uniqtech Guide to Codex

Codex says Hello World
Then says Hello World with empathy lol
Here's where it gets interesting: Codex generates Python code from plain English instructions, and the Python code in turn emits HTML code. In other words, Codex can generate a simple webpage!