Saturday, May 7, 2022

Solana Pay meet up in person

 Solana Pay atlas cafe (san francisco) takeover event. Blockchain in real life : Developer life is good. Crypto web3 blockchain development is where the ­čĺ░ is at. We were able to attend a Solana event in person in San Francisco. Most of the events are in Miami, Los Angeles or NYC. It was pretty amazing: free beer, coffee, DJ’ed lounge with NFT wall art, nearly free solana merch (25 cents for trying out the Solana Phantom mobile wallet and USDC on Solana chain), 1 cent softserve ice cream with a huge selection including the gorgeous red shiny cherry dip (courtesy of Buzz wallet in beta and kind of nice slide to pay UI). Atlas cafe gave every one an avocado NFT - a membership / discount token that allows customers to get discounts at the cafe for the entirety of May. Love the Sol beers from Mexico are filling up the fridge - it's the same symbol as the Solana token, clever. The famous Degenerate Ape Academy are on display on beautiful digital canvases on the wall. It's a great idea to get every one hands-on by giving them a small amount of USDC token and allow them to make real purchase right away with a small amount of token. We all got to experiment and get an idea how easy it is to pay with Solana Pay. 

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